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China Custom Skm Helical Gear Motor Speed Reducer AC Electric Transmission Gear Motor Gearbox cycloidal drive efficiency

Product Description

Product Description

1. Technical features

The high degree of modularity is a design feature of SKM, SKB series helical-hypoid gear units. It can be connected respectively with motors such as normal mtor, brake motor, explosion -proof motor, frequency conversion motor, servo motor, IEC motor and so on. This kind of product is widely used in drive fields such as textile, foodstuff, ceramice packing, logistics, plastics and so on.

1.1 Product characteristics

SKM SKB Seires helical gear units has more than 4 types. Power 0.12-4kw, Ratio 7.73-302.5, Torque max100-500 NM, Modulaw and multistructure can meet the demands of various conditions.

(1)Ground-hardened helical gears.
(2)Modularity, can be combined in many forms.
(3)Made of high-quality aluminum alloy, light in weight and nonrusting.
(4)Large in output torque, high efficiency, ene-rgy saving and environmental protection.
(5)The mounting dimension of SKM series are compatible with SMRV series worm gear unit(A part of SMRV050 dimensions are different from SKM28)
(6)The mounting dimension of SKB series are compatible with W series worm gear unit.

If you have any question,please contact us, we will go all out to provide all the customers with high quality and service.

Application: Motor, Electric Cars, Motorcycle, Machinery, Marine, Toy, Agricultural Machinery, Car
Hardness: Hardened Tooth Surface
Layout: Cycloidal
Gear Shape: Cylindrical Gear
Step: Single-Step
Type: Gear Reducer
US$ 62.5/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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helical gearbox

How to Use a Cyclone Gearbox

Often, a cycloidal gearbox is used in order to achieve a torque transfer from a motor or pump. This type of gearbox is often a common choice as it has a number of advantages over a regular gearbox. Its main advantage is that it is easy to make, which means that it can be incorporated into a variety of applications. However, if you want to use a cycloidal gearbox, there are a few things that you need to know. These include the operation principle, the structure and the dynamic and inertial effects that come with it.

Dynamic and inertial effects

Several studies have been carried out on the static and dynamic properties of cycloidal gears. The study of these effects is beneficial in assisting optimal design of cycloidal speed reducers.
In this paper, the dynamic and inertial effects of a two-stage cycloidal speed reducer have been investigated using the CZPT program package. Moreover, a new model for cycloidal reducers based on non-linear contact dynamics has been developed. The new model aims to predict several operational conditions.
The normal excitation contact force for the cycloid discs of the first and second stage is very similar. However, the total deformation at the contact point is different. This effect is mainly due to the system’s own oscillations. The cycloid discs of the second stage turn around the ring gear roller with a 180deg angle. This angle is a significant contributor to the torque loads. The total excitation force on the cycloid discs of first and second stage is 1848 N and 2068.7 N, respectively.
In order to analyze the contact stress, different gear profiles were investigated. The mesh density was considered as an important design criterion. It was found that a bigger hole reduces the material content of the cycloidal disc and results in more stresses.
Moreover, it is possible to reduce the contact forces in a more efficient manner by changing the geometric parameters. This can be done by mesh refinement along the disc width. The cycloidal disc has the greatest influence on the output results.
The efficiency of a cycloidal drive increases with the increase in load. The efficiency of a cycloidal reducer also depends on the eccentricity of the input shaft and the cycloidal plate. The efficiency curve for small loads is linear. However, for the larger loads, the efficiency curve becomes more non-linear. This is because the stiffness of the cycloid reducer increases as the load increases.


Despite the fact that it looks like a complicated engineering puzzle, the construction of a cycloidal gearbox is actually quite simple. The key elements are the base, the load plate and the thrust bearing. All these elements work together to create a stable, compact gearbox.
The base is a circular section with several cylindrical pins around its outer edge. The pins are fixed on a fixed ring that holds them in a circular path. The ring serves as a reference circle. The circle’s size is approximately 5mm in diameter.
The load plate is a series of threaded screw holes. These are arranged 15mm away from the center. These are used to anchor external structures. The load plate must be rotated around the X and Y axis.
The thrust bearing is placed on top of the load plate. The bearing is made of an internal diameter of 35mm and an external diameter of 52mm. It is used to allow rotation around the Z axis.
The cycloidal disc is the centerpiece of the cycloidal gearbox. The disc has holes for the pins that drive the output shaft. The holes are larger than those used in output roller pins. The disc also has a reduced eccentricity.
The pins are attached to the cycloidal disc by rolling pins. The pins are made of a material that provides mechanical support for the drive during high-torque situations. The pins have a 9mm external diameter. The disc has a number of lobes and is rotated by one lobe per shaft revolution.
The cycloidal gearbox also has a top cover that helps keep the components together. The cover has a pocket for tools. The top cover also has threads that screw into the casing.helical gearbox

Operation principle

Among many types of gear transmissions, cycloidal gearboxes are used in heavy machinery and multi-axis robots. They are highly effective, compact and capable of high ratios. In addition, they have an overload capability.
Cycloid disks are driven by eccentric shafts that rotate around fixed ring pins. Roller pins of the pin disc engage with holes in the cycloidal disc. These roller pins drive the pin disc and the pin disc transfers the motion to the output shaft.
Unlike conventional gear drives, cycloidal drives have low backlash and high torsional stiffness. They are ideally suited to heavy loads and all drive technologies. The lower mass and compact design of the cycloidal disk also contributes to its high efficiency and positioning accuracy.
The cycloidal disc plays a central role in the gearbox kinematics. It rotates around a fixed ring in a circle. When the disc is pushed against the ring gear, the pins engage with the disc and the roller pins rotate around the pins. This rotating motion generates vibration, which travels through the driven shafts.
Cycloid discs are typically designed with a short cycloid, so that the eccentricity is minimized. This reduces unbalance forces at high speeds. Ideally, the number of lobes on the cycloid is smaller than the number of surrounding pins. This reduces the amount of Hertzian contact stress.
Unlike planetary gears, cycloidal gears have high accuracy and are capable of withstanding shock loads. They also experience low friction and less wear on tooth flanks. They also have higher efficiency and load capacity.
Cycloid gears are generally more difficult to manufacture than involute gears. Cycloid gears are not suitable for stacking gear stages. They require extreme accuracy for manufacturing. However, their smaller size and low backlash, high torsional stiffness, and low vibration make them ideal for use in heavy machines.

Involute gear tooth profile

Almost all gears are manufactured with an involute gear tooth profile. Cycloid gears are also produced with this profile. Compared with involute gears, cycloid gears are stronger and can transmit more power. However, they can also be more difficult to manufacture. This makes them costlier.
The involute gear tooth profile is a smooth curve. It is derived from the involute curve of a circle. A tangent to the base circle is the normal at any point of an involute.
This curve has properties that allow the involute gear teeth to transfer motion in perpendicular direction. It is also the path traced by the end of the string unwrapping from a cylinder.
An involute profile has the advantage of being easy to manufacture. It also allows for smooth meshing despite misalignment of the centre distance. This profile is also preferred over a cycloid tooth profile, but it is not the best in every regard.
Cycloid gear teeth are also made of two curves. Unlike involute teeth, cycloid gear teeth have a consistent radius. Cycloid gears are less likely to produce noise. But they are also more expensive to manufacture.
Involute teeth are easier to manufacture because they have only one curve. Cycloid gears can also be made with a rack type cutter. This makes them cheaper to manufacture. However, they require an expert design. They can also be manufactured with a gear shaper that includes a pinion cutter.
The tooth profiles that satisfy the law of gear-tooth action are sometimes called conjugate profiles. The involute profile is the most common of these. It allows for constant torque transmission.helical gearbox


Typically, cycloidal drives provide a high ratio of transmission with no backlash. This is because the cycloid disc is driven by an eccentric shaft. During rotation, the cycloid disc rotates around a fixed ring. This ring also rotates independently of the center of gravity.
The cycloid disc is typically shortened to reduce the eccentricity. This helps to minimize the unbalance forces that may occur at high speeds. The cycloid also offers a larger gear ratio than traditional gears. This provides a better positional accuracy.
Cycloid drives also have a high torsional stiffness. This provides greater torsional resilience and shock load capabilities. This is important for a number of reasons, such as in heavy-duty applications.
Cycloid drives also have lower mass. These benefits make them ideally suited for all drive technologies. The design also allows for higher torsional stiffness and service life. These drives also have a much smaller profile.
Cycloid drives are also used to reduce speed. Because of the high torsional stiffness of the cycloid, they also have high positioning accuracy.
Cycloid drives are well-suited to a variety of applications, including electric motors, generators, and pump motors. They are also highly resistant to shock loads, which is important in a variety of applications. This design is ideal for applications that require a large transmission ratio in a compact design.
Cycloid drives also have the advantage of minimizing the clearance between the mating components. This helps to eliminate interference and ensure a positive fit. This is particularly important in gearboxes. It also allows for the use of a load cell and potentiometer to determine the backlash of the gearbox.
China Custom Skm Helical Gear Motor Speed Reducer AC Electric Transmission Gear Motor Gearbox   cycloidal drive efficiencyChina Custom Skm Helical Gear Motor Speed Reducer AC Electric Transmission Gear Motor Gearbox   cycloidal drive efficiency
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6.6kv Cheap made in China – replacement parts – in Poznan Poland Three Phase AC Electric Induction Motor with top quality

6.6kv  Inexpensive  created in China - replacement parts -  in Poznan Poland  A few Stage AC Electric powered Induction Motor with top high quality

We – EPG Team the greatest gearbox & motors , couplings and gears manufacturing unit in China with 5 various branches. For much more specifics: Cellular/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086~13083988828 13858117778083988828

Y series (6.6KV) high-voltage squirrel cage motor allows immediate commence at full stress. If the load torque is not huge, the phase-down beginning strategy can also be adopted. The starting torque of the motor throughout the phase-down commencing is approximately proportional to the sq. of the voltage, if the load When the mechanical instant of inertia is inside a specified assortment, the motor is allowed to be continually started two times in a cold condition, and the scorching state is repeatedly started after.
The Y series (6.6KV) substantial voltage asynchronous motor has a rated frequency of 50Hz and a rated voltage of 6KV and 10KV. Its qualities are as follows:
1. Completely compliant with IEC expectations.
two. The motor effectiveness is improved by 2% on average in comparison with the previous goods.
three, the use of box-shaped construction, effortless to transport, set up, servicing, and upkeep. Conserve users’ civil building expenditure charges. The ventilation safety variety of the motor can also be flexibly transformed in accordance to the demands of the person.
4. The stator winding adopts “F” class solvent-totally free immersion insulation sequence.
5. The motor adopts conclude-cap sliding bearing, which adopts “air seal” and floating labyrinth unit framework to prevent oil leakage.
six, the motor utilizes cast aluminum or copper row rotor, reliable procedure.
Air flow and defense variety: The motor ventilation adopts radial self-ventilation mode. The cooling air enters from the higher include of the motor alongside the axial side, and is discharged through the inside of of the motor and then from both sides of the upper go over hole.
The basic security kind of Y collection (6.6KV) higher-voltage AC motor is IP23, and it can also be changed with top windshield-derived pipe air flow variety IP44. 4-12 pole motor can also be derived as air-to-air cooler with closed circulation ventilation kind IP44 and local climate safety variety. IPW24.

Center substantial variety: H355-H800
Electricity variety: 220KW-7100KW
Voltage: 3KV//3.3KV/6KV/6.6KV
Variety of poles: 2/4/6/8/ten/twelve
Rated frequency: 50HZ/60HZ
Defense degree: IP23
Cooling strategy: IC01
Insulation class: Class F
Wor ept system: S1
Wiring technique: Y
This kind of motor is ideal for use in environments exactly where the ambient temperature is -15~+forty degrees Celsius, the altitude is not far more than 1000m, indoor or out of doors, and no hazardous fuel setting.

Y sequence (6KV) high-voltage 3-period asynchronous motor can be employed to exchange the original J/JS collection motor, and understand the manufacturing of little body dimension below the equivalent motor power. At the exact same time, this sequence of motors is broadly utilized and flexible, and can be employed to derive various kinds of motors. The motor has the qualities of excellent warmth dissipation, compact construction, light-weight fat, excellent port, higher efficiency, easy set up and hassle-free maintenance. It is the motor that is presently obtained by enterprises in various wor ept situations.

1. The outer packaging of the items are all regular export-oriented picket plywood packaging.
two, the item packaging is protected by moisture, h2o plastic delicate packaging
three. For merchandise with specific transportation requirements (this kind of as temperature, fragile, variability, and effortless to get wet), the packaging defense steps will be strengthened, and the ept mark will be printed on the package deal.
4. There are evident symptoms and symbols on the pac ept box that should be paid out interest to throughout transportation and storage (this sort of as situation, dampness, rain, shockproof, lifting situation, and so forth.).

The motor goods made and bought by our company are utilized in several industries, this kind of as electric powered energy, mining, steel metallurgy, petrochemical, drinking water conservancy, transportation, creating components and numerous other industries. The equipment for the motor is pump, equipment resource, enthusiast, mill, crusher, rolling mill, compressor and a lot of other industrial gear.

ZCL Electric Motor Technologies Co., Ltd. is a company mainly engaged in the manufacture, investigation and advancement and income of motor goods. The business has a lot of kinds of motor items, including IEC regular motors. It is a specialist IEC motor manufacturer. Associated motor merchandise have handed the merchandise certification in China, the United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East and other locations, and the goods are exported to all over the globe. Businesses adhere to the “focus on goods, services” enterprise philosophy, is dedicated to improving the top quality of protected motor merchandise and providers for clients close to the globe.


The use of unique gear manufacturer’s (OEM) portion quantities or emblems , e.g. CASE® and John Deere® are for reference needs only and for indicating merchandise use and compatibility. Our company and the outlined substitute parts contained herein are not sponsored, authorized, or created by the OEM.

6.6kv  Inexpensive  produced in China - substitute elements -  in Poznan Poland  3 Phase AC Electric Induction Motor with best top quality

6.6kv  Cheap  made in China - alternative components -  in Poznan Poland  Three Section AC Electric powered Induction Motor with best high quality

Ie3 Custom made in China – replacement parts – in Da Nang Viet Nam Three Phase AC Asynchronous Squirrel Cage Induction Electric Motor for Water Pump, Air Compressor, Fan Blower with top quality

Ie3  Custom  made in China - replacement parts -  in Da Nang Viet Nam  Three Phase AC Asynchronous Squirrel Cage Induction Electric Motor for Water Pump, Air Compressor, Fan Blower with top quality

We – EPG Team the biggest gearbox & motors , couplings and gears factory in China with 5 different branches. For much more specifics: Cellular/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086~13083988828 13858117778083988828

IE3 Three Section AC Asynchronous Squirrel Cage Induction Electric powered Motor for Drinking water Pump, Air Compressor, Fan Blower

one. Good efficiency, risk-free and reputable procedure
two. Low sound, lower vibration and light-weight weight
three. Employed for family equipment, swimming pool pumps, enthusiast and recording meters
four. Mounting proportions conform to IEC standards


Electrical power .06 ~ 315kw
Frame Measurement 56 ~ 355
Phase Single or A few
Performance Course IE1 ~ IE4
Poles two, 4, 6, 8 poles
Security Class IP44, IP54, IP55, IP56
Insulation Class B, F, H
Mounting Sort B14, B3, B5, B35, B34
Ambient Temperature -fifteen ~ +forty °C
Altitude ≤1000M
Substance Aluminum/Cast Iron


Q: Can you make the electric motor with customization?
A: Sure, we can customise per your ask for, like energy, voltage, pace, shaft size, wires, connectors, capacitors, terminal box, IP quality, and so on.

Q: Do you give samples?
A: Indeed. Sample is offered for screening.

Q: What is your MOQ?
A: It is 10pcs for the starting of our business.

Q: What is actually your direct time?
A: Normal solution require 5-30days, a bit longer for custom-made items.

Q: Do you offer technologies assistance?
A: Sure. Our business have design and style and improvement team, we can supply technological innovation help if you

Q: How to ship to us?
A: It is accessible by air, or by sea, or by train.

Q: How to pay the cash?
A: T/T and L/C is chosen, with distinct forex, including USD, EUR, RMB, and many others.

Q: How can I know the merchandise is ideal for me?
A: >1ST verify drawing and specification >2nd check sample >3rd start off mass manufacturing.

Q: Can I arrive to your company to go to?
A: Sure, you are welcome to visit us at any time.

Q: How shall we contact you?
A: You can send inquiry directly, and we will answer within 24 hrs.

The use of unique gear manufacturer’s (OEM) component figures or trademarks , e.g. CASE® and John Deere® are for reference needs only and for indicating merchandise use and compatibility. Our company and the listed substitute components contained herein are not sponsored, accepted, or made by the OEM.

Ie3  Custom  made in China - replacement parts -  in Da Nang Viet Nam  Three Phase AC Asynchronous Squirrel Cage Induction Electric Motor for Water Pump, Air Compressor, Fan Blower with top quality

Ie3  Custom  made in China - replacement parts -  in Da Nang Viet Nam  Three Phase AC Asynchronous Squirrel Cage Induction Electric Motor for Water Pump, Air Compressor, Fan Blower with top quality